Course on trading basics – Online and free

Free course on trading basics

Beginner traders face a steep learning curve. Trading requires a solid understanding of how markets function, the mechanics of trading, the actors (brokers, dealers, regulators, etc.) involved, and familiarity with the jargon used by market participants. In this course on trading basics, we will equip you with the fundamental concepts you should be aware of before starting trading.

Course highlights

  • The mechanics of trading.
  • Actors involved in trading.
  • Market microstructure.
  • Trading strategies.

Course structure

We begin this course on trading basics by explaining the features of trade orders and discuss the main order types. Then, we move on to introducing the main actors involved in trading. Finally, we will discuss central issues in market microstructure and cover some of the most popular trading strategies.


  1. Trade order – Which are the essential features?
  2. Market order vs limit order – Liquidity, uncertainty.
  3. Bid price vs ask price – What do they mean?
  4. Long position vs short position – How to interpret?
  5. Short selling – What are the benefits and risks?
  6. Arbitrage opportunity – How does it work?
  7. Order book – Trading stocks and other securities.
  8. Liquidity – What is liquidity in stocks?
  9. Emotions in trading – And how to control them.

If you are already familiar with placing trade orders, you can start the course from our post that explains the distinction between long positions and short positions.

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