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  • Tokenomics guide for crypto investors

    tokenomics guide, definition for crypto investors

    Over the past decade, cryptocurrency markets saw immense levels of growth. The stellar increase in the value of bitcoin, wild speculations and bubbles in various digital tokens, and cryptocurrency exchange hacks have been extensively covered in media. Even people with little interest in finance have become familiar with terms such as initial coin offerings, non-fungible […]

  • What is the market portfolio?

    market portfolio

    The market portfolio is the market value-weighted portfolio of all risky assets in an economy. In this post, we show how the market portfolio is equivalent to the optimal risky portfolio when all investors behave according to the modern portfolio theory. Learning objectives Understand the link between the optimal risky portfolio and the market portfolio. […]

  • Order book – trading stocks and other securities

    order book trading stocks

    We know that a key feature of markets is that they bring buyers and sellers together. Markets facilitate trades between these two parties. One method markets can use to match buyers and sellers is through an order book. And, this is the topic of this post. Learning objectives Define what an order book is within […]

  • Risk-free rate of return – Is there a riskless asset?

    risk-free rate of return

    Most assets in our world are risky: Their future payoffs can take many different values, some of them (very) high, others (very) low. Think about stocks. If you invest in, say, Amazon shares today, you might have a target price in mind for the next year. However, the actual price in a year may be […]