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Here is the list of courses we’re offering at the moment. All of our courses are free of charge, and you can follow them at your own pace. We plan to extend our offering with time.


Free course on investments

Course highlights:

  • Investment basics
  • Portfolio theory and management
  • Asset pricing

At the start of this course, we teach fundamental concepts such as the real return vs nominal return, holding period return, geometric average return, and so on. Next, we offer a detailed exposition of the modern portfolio theory as developed by the renowned American economist Harry Markowitz. In the final part of the course, we focus on popular asset pricing models such as CAPM and APT, which are widely used by practitioners and academics alike.

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Or, head straight to the first lesson: Gross return vs net return.

Most of the lessons in this course include a video summary. Here’s an example.

Fundamentals of trading

Course highlights:

  • Fundamental concepts
  • Trading strategies
  • Trading psychology
Free course on trading basics

This course begins with the introduction of basic terms (e.g., bid price vs ask price, market order vs limit order) every trader should be aware of. In the next part, we discuss some fundamental trading strategies such as short selling and explain how such strategies can be employed to exploit arbitrage opportunities. We also cover factors that affect trading psychology and offer an analysis of emotions in trading.

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As in the investments course, most lessons in the fundamentals of trading course feature video content as well. You can see an example below.


tokenomics course

Course highlights:

  • Initial coin offerings
  • Investment risks
  • Non-fungible tokens

Tokenomics is the study of the economics of digital token markets. In this beginner’s course, we first give an overview of the key concepts in tokenomics. Then, we move on to discuss initial coin offerings, explaining concepts such as pre-mining and fair launch. Next, we explain the investment risks investors should be aware of when investing in crypto assets. Finally, we offer a discussion of fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens.

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