Fundamentals of trading

fundamentals of trading

Welcome to our online course on the fundamentals of trading. People who are new to trading face a steep learning curve. Trading requires a solid understanding of the mechanics of trading, the actors involved (brokers, dealers, regulators, etc.), and the way the markets operate. Familiarity with the jargon used by market participants is essential as well. In this course, our aim is to help you build a strong foundation in these areas so that you can trade with confidence.

Our course on the fundamentals of trading is free of charge. You can go through the lessons at your own pace.

Course structure

The course is structured into three parts as follows:

  1. Fundamental concepts
  2. Trading strategies and mentality
  3. Analyzing stock returns

A detailed learning plan, listing all lessons in each part is provided below.

Total beginners should get started with the first lesson in Part I: Bid price vs ask price.

Those who understand the fundamental concepts can jump ahead to the first lesson in Part II: Arbitrage opportunity.

If you’d like to follow a textbook alongside this course, we’d recommend Trading and Exchanges Market Microstructure for Practitioners by Harris.

Intended learning outcomes

At the end of this course:

  • You will have a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts,
  • will be able to know how to exploit mispricings,
  • will be aware of the factors that affect trading psychology,
  • and will be able to work with stock price data.

Detailed learning plan

Part I: Fundamental concepts

We begin the course by covering fundamental concepts every trader should be aware of.

Part II: Trading strategies and mentality

After introducing the fundamental concepts, we’ll focus on explaining when arbitrage opportunities arise and how traders can exploit them. We’ll also discuss how emotions can affect trading decisions and offer tips to enhance your trading psychology.

Part III: Analyzing stock returns

We have a separate tutorial on analyzing stock returns but feel some of the lessons covered there are highly relevant for our fundamentals of trading course as well.

Other courses and tutorials

Our website includes a number of courses and tutorials, which you might find useful. Apart from our fundamentals of trading course, we recommend you check our course on investments and our tutorial on analyzing stock returns, some lessons of which are covered in this course too.

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