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  • What is the NFT bay website?

    what is the nft bay website?

    The NFT bay website was launched in November 2021 by Geoffrey Huntley, an Australian artist, in an attempt to draw attention to issues associated with non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. NFTs have become immensely popular as a means of certifying ownership of unique assets. They are commonly used within the context of digital art. Some NFTs […]

  • Fungible tokens – meaning and examples

    fungible tokens meaning and examples

    Fungible tokens are one of the two main types of digital tokens, the other type being non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In this post, we explain in detail what fungible tokens are and how they differ from NFTs. Jump to: What is fungibility? What are fungible tokens? ‘Clean Bitcoins’ vs ‘dirty Bitcoins’ What is fungibility? Fungibility is […]

  • What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

    what is a cryptocurrency exchange

    Many of us have heard about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ether. But, what is a cryptocurrency exchange, and how does it function? In a nutshell, a cryptocurrency exchange is a platform that enables investors to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency in exchange for fiat money (dollars, pounds, euros, etc.) or another cryptocurrency. […]

  • NFT meaning, marketplaces, and scams

    nft meaning, marketplace, and scams

    In this post, we offer a beginner’s guide to NFTs. We explain the meaning of an NFT and how NFTs are be traded in marketplaces. We also discuss various types of NFT scams. Jump to: What does NFT mean? NFT marketplaces NFT scams Final word on NFTs What does NFT mean? NFT is an acronym […]